Sunday, August 31, 2008

where to begin...

My name is Nicholas. My life revolves mainly around music, the internet and other such usual activities of a generic teenager trying to live an ungeneric life. I go to shows, I go to parties, and lastly and most unfortunately, I go to school.

I have no idea about what my future will be. I have no idea what to aspire towards. I realize that if I set goals, there's the overwhelming possibility (and probability) that they won't come true, so I try to live each day at a time. Also, there's the fact I don't want to be tied into a job I'll ultimately despise until the day when I decide I've had enough and end it.

The title of this blog, "deja entendu", literally translates to "heard it before". I thought it was a fitting title, as it seems to be a motto I'm living my life by. I'm listening to the same songs, I'm living the same moments and the same mistakes, it's like I don't even learn half the time. It's also the title of the album released by my favourite band (Brand New, get into them) that marks the change from pop-punk to a deeper and darker sound that helps me get through most days, but that's another story for another time.

This is just a way to get the thoughts in my head onto paper, or in this case, a blog. It gives me an outlet, and for those who care, a window into the life I don't often show others. Also, there's the possibility someone may be able to relate, and really, that's all we look for. Similarity. It's ironic, we all try to be unique, but at the end of the day, we just want someone who can understand what we're talking about.

I guess that's life.

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