Wednesday, January 13, 2010

rock and roll. dealt with it.

I've resolved my lengthy period of problem now, but I still feel as though there's something weighing on me. It's comfortable to know it's not what I wasted so many other months on, but discomforting in the fact that it may not have been that all along. But that's enough about this. 15 months of updates about something is far too much.

I've really begun to enjoy the literature of Bret Easton Ellis. Surprisingly, however, as much as I enjoy the film, American Psycho is not my favourite thus far. The Rules of Attraction is the tale of a desperate search for love and companionship that is presented through the eyes of a variety of college students (and Patrick Bateman, but that's neither here nor there). The one thing that I've picked out of the main relationships though is that there is a distinct lack of communication, which goes to show how ridiculous they are. Sean's attraction to Lauren is based entirely from letters that she isn't actually the sender of, Lauren's love for Victor is absolutely baseless as it becomes clear to the reader that they barely had a connection before he left and they surely don't when he returns.

However, I feel as though the most upsetting relationship of the novel is that of Paul Denton and Sean Bateman. While there is dispute as to whether the relationship actually takes place, due to the lack of updates in Sean-central chapters, I feel as though it lends itself to the fact that the relationship is there, but the connection is not. The reader sees that Sean is not above sex without connection, and his updates only center on things that he finds important. The only thing that the lack of news from Sean's perspective presents is that he doesn't care about Paul at all, regardless of the devotion that Paul clearly shows him throughout a large portion of the novel.

I feel that I relate to Paul Denton. The devotion that he shows for the people who don't care, and the eventual realisation of his flaws without bothering to correct them.

That and the fact that I like that Ian Somerhalder (Boone from Lost) played him in the film.

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