Monday, August 30, 2010

"i'm gonna win the battle frontier fer sure!"

The most reliable thing in my life.


My Garchomp was hatched on July 17th, 2007. I was too lazy to breed for Adamant, which would reduce Special Attack in exchange for boosting Attack, so I instead opted for a Lonely nature, which swapped Special Attack reduction for Defense reduction. While at the time, this seemed like a bad idea, in its latest incarnation, the extra Special Attack points are a godsend. I maxed out Attack and Speed, with leftovers going into HP. Its attacks are Outrage, Earthquake, Stone Edge and Fire Blast, with Life Orb as an attached item.

Garchomp has been in every single one of my Battle Tower/Frontier challenge teams with the exception of Battle Factory and the brief time in 09 when I used a mono-Dark team, and he's been there for good reason. He outspeeds a lot and KO's even more. He also has the highest streak in the Battle Hall, at 93, as well as being in both of my 51 battle streaks in the Battle Tower; the only crossover member between the two teams, as well as my Gold Print run in the Battle Arcade, managing to destroy all three of the leader's Pokemon with its Stone Edge attack.

The reason I strive for excellence in my Pokemon teams is because it gives me somewhere to be good at what I do. I was never a good writer or musician, school work bores me, and I never played sports; but in Pokemon, I'm the best person I know. It's really lame, but it's the way I think. The way I have to think.

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