Wednesday, September 29, 2010

bucket list.

1. Punch a magpie out of the sky.
2. Visit Chernobyl.
3. Visit Auschwitz.
4. Binge through the entire series of Lost without sleeping.
5. Get my writing published.
6. Get five club photos.
7. Get married.
8. Have kids.
9. Have NSLC perform a show to more than 200 people.
10. Have a threesome.
11. Own 500 CDs.
12. Conquer my fear of jungle cats.
13. Get in a fight.
14. Win a fight.
15. Meet Jesse Lacey.
16. Write and record a good song.
17. Win a hot dog eating contest.
18. Drink an entire slab in one sitting.
19. Perform stand-up comedy.
20. Do cocaine.
xx. Fall in love.

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