Sunday, June 13, 2010

kitchen gloves and jagermeister.

This weekend has been just about incredible. Started Friday morning, waking up to Shay in my room, watching DVDs all day and just having a general enjoyable time. Dropped by Scott's to meet Reece, went back to Reece's. Got super high, watched computer battle on Super Smash Bros, listened to Leftover Crack records going super fast, imagined stories to go with them. Walked to the station through some road I have no clue where it was. Thought we missed the train, but it was late and nailed the time spot on. Train got delayed because some guy broke the doors, but I scabbed a smoke off him, so he was an alright bloke. Got to the city, still feeling a bit fucked but easing up a bit. The plan for the night was to hit Fash and then hit the cas, but it didn't really play out when we blew all our money on jagerbombs and just got entirely fucked. Had a smoke with Big Knox, ended up skanking our way to last train, yelling the riff to Blood Red by Slayer. Got another Fash photo that didn't get put up. Grabbed a taxi home because we would have never been able to walk it. Chucked on The Simpsons, but I fell asleep.

Woke up the next morning. Watched some more Simpsons, picked MattyT up from Auto Barn, dropped him home. Relaxed a bit before work, had some lunch. Got to work, didn't make a single burger all day. Worked out the back, walked to storage, chatted with the managers. Got let off early because I was going to an art exhibition. Didn't work out, track maintenance lead to me not making the exhibition. Turned around at Oakleigh, went to Reece's, got super high with him, Jake, Dani and Jake. Wrote a new NSLC song. Wrote a new Eminem single. Watched School of Rock. I fell asleep halfway through.

Woke up the next morning; Reece decided to have a party. We scraped $7 in change together, Jake had $5 on his card. We bought burgers, fries, apple pie and creaming soda. Paid for it with the change we kept the weed in, had to pick chunks out when we dumped the change down. Got back, started cooking, got drunk at 2PM off goon. Wanted to sleep so bad. Dom showed up, got drunk, we watched Spinal Tap. Had intervals of playing a 99 life game of Super Smash Bros, all Jigglypuff. Got them down to 15 lives after several hours of playing. Jake got back from skating, Tim arrived, Turner showed up, mood destroyed. Ashlyn showed up, mood surprisingly didn't sink lower. Got angry at Turner. Wanted to sleep. Bec arrived, went and got two bottles of jager. Tom arrived with garlic bread. Got horribly fucked up in a matter of minutes. Walked to Harry's, destroyed his house. Flipped a seat with Reece, punched a kiwi fruit into his phonebook, Jake and Reece flipped a couch, Harry threw us out. Walked back to Reece's, could barely stand. Remember thinking I haven't been this drunk in a long time. Reece spent the rest of the night with his head in the toilet, still wanting to party. Put on Marley and Me. Drunk texted. Fell asleep just after they had the first kid. Was probably for the best this time, would have cried like a baby if it hit the dog dying.

Great weekend, no repercussions. Except I'm out of weed and flat broke and need to raise $150 in a few weeks for Reece's holiday house, but on the upside, I'm feeling the happiest I've been in a long time. I've got incredible friends, I'm getting by, having fun, almost on holidays, and I've met a girl who I legit like and want to spend time with, which in a way is surprising.

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