Tuesday, July 6, 2010

steve martin.

mental note:
Steve Martin, man of a different age, trained to hate the foreigners.
as the world grew, Steve Martin regressed, transforming into a hate-filled monster.
releases films to entice the white conservative male group age 30-55
as he gains a following, releases a malicious hate speech encroaching upon foreign races/gender groups.
following gains power, begins releasing anti-black propaganda a la prior to WW2.
becomes a cult leader, amassing millions worldwide, begins the preparation before a war.
as the last blacks are killed, Steve Martin's prophecy for the outcome is revealed.
not unlike Macbeth, Steve Martin is told by three witches that upon destroying an entire other race he will ascend to the status of a god.
becomes a Submarinemon, where he fires himself into the earth which will destroy all other life.
kills all except him, where he reverts to his status as Steve Martin, where he relaxes in peace in molten lava.

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