Thursday, November 6, 2008

cut myself wide open on this stage as I am paid to spill my guts

This isn't a place for the events of my life. The people who read this are probably pretty aware of what's going on with me, and I think it's pretty cool that I don't have to rehash anything here, it's all just new material that relates to the side of me even those few rarely see.

Last night, some shit happened, and I got fairly upset. I'm not going to go into it, because almost no one knows and I don't feel like talking about it, but I realize now how lucky I am to have friends that are there to support me when I really need it.

If anything, this update is just here to say thankyou to all of those people I really do care about; you make my life a much easier task to live, and the level of gratitude I feel towards all of you really doesn't have words.

This is directed to all of you who play a part in the mixed-genre series of my life; the people I can trust with my secrets, the people who offer distractions from the monotony of real life, the people I can have real conversations with and even the people who I just joke around with:

you guys honestly mean the world to me.

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