Sunday, November 9, 2008

fly to live; aces high.

I'm enjoying life. Everything is going so amazing. A renewed interest in guitar provides me with an outlet for boredom, my allergies are gone, and I'm finally showing initiative and studying for my business exam (which is on Friday).

I should maybe be stressing at least a little bit about my upcoming exams, but I feel like I can cruise through them. If I don't set goals, I won't be let down, and I'm 100% sure I won't fail anything (except for maybe business, which is why I'm studying).

I no longer feel that I let myself down. I'm happy with myself and the things I do. Or, at least I am for now, and considering this is usually the point where I'm depressed as ever, I think it's an amazing accomplishment for me.

I'm actually feeling content with everything. The fact I can just sit through Shuffle without feeling the need to change anything is pretty neat, and fairly symbolic; everything that's getting thrown at me is different, but still somewhat enjoyable and I can deal with it.

For once, I am truly happy.

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