Monday, December 1, 2008

explanations turn to expectations

I know I'll always make an entry like this a mere few days before I regret it wholeheartedly, but this time feels so true. My life is going so well. I haven't been depressed at all in over a week, which although not sounding like much, is a decent accomplishment.

I've made it through this term surprisingly easy, and I feel like I've got almost everything sorted out. There's one small factor I'm going to deal with soon, but until then, I feel like I should just let everything just kind of run itself out. After all, I don't often get the time to appreciate these moods.

I have band practice and a hair cut tomorrow, three days of school, and then going to the city on Saturday to get new clothes. I'm not just happy, I'm feeling confident, I'm feeling content with who I am. I'm feeling like the perfect balance of old and new Nick.

I also feel that my discussions with Sara have helped me come to this realization, so for the first time ever in blog history, I'm going to give named thanks. Thanks, Sara.

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