Monday, September 8, 2008

apathy and low-flying dreams.

It's funny. In this world of excessive greed and dreams that will go unfulfilled, someone who wants to merely get by with a dream job that is below the norm is seen as the strange one.

My dream job would be to work at a CD store, recommend people music they may enjoy, things like that. So, in this case, why am I even bothering at trying to perfect myself at unnecessary arts? Will a successful exam in VCE Literature better my chances at getting a job at Missing Link? Will suppliers only sell me CDs to stock depending on my Business Management SAC marks? No, and it's stupid to think otherwise.

I'm feeling entirely apathetic towards school work, and just school in general. Gone are the days when the idea of learning actually entertained my childish mind, because now I realize that we don't actually learn anything. We learn, I suppose, but it is in essence, nothing. Stem and leaf plots, management of change, analytical essays of newspaper articles. When will any one of us use these in a non-satirical context?

There's no point in setting high goals, the pessimist in me knows they won't come true, and the optimist has given up trying to convince me that it could happen, because let's face it, it's not like my track record for miracles has been high thus far.

Then again, the Hadron Collider gets turned on tomorrow, so even planning for this weekend might be conceited. Looks like there's hope for the optimist after all.

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