Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Fuck this, I'm going".

Well, first up, life updates. 2/5 on holiday goals (urinal wank, Clockwork Orange). I've been listening to Pro Team non-stop, I only wish I got into them earlier so I could've seen them live. New Fall of Troy is shaping up to be amazing, Thomas Erak is leaning towards more of a melodic singing-style which really suits his voice. Bought the jacket, looks top as.

But, all is not well. I recently went out to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua with a few friends entirely as a joke, assuming that it looked so awful it could only be good. How mistaken we turned out to be.
With five minutes of the movie beginning, we were already swearing at the screen, and Tim walked out around 20 minutes in. He came back, of course, but still, to push someone to that level so early on was astounding. I have never felt a desire to die more than when I saw this movie. The thing is, it was so bad, I recommend anyone to see it, just to see how horrible it truly is. I can't sum up the atrocity in mere words, although, we managed to create a list of things it was worse than (including Daddy Day Camp, The Nanny and any Australian drama).

Top movie, check it out.

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